Ghost Radaaaaaaargh

I am considerably older than the age when you should no longer be afraid of the dark. Countless hordes of people I share this information with all tell me that there is no reason to be afraid of the dark. To this i say heifer excrement, there are a deity beaver lot of reasons to be afraid of the dark. Ghosts land on the tippy top of my personal list of things that await unwitting darkness explorers.  Lets see in order of significance Ghosts, ghosts, more ghosts, criminals, and demons don’t exist.

Out of curiosity and an attempt to allay my fears of the dark I downloaded an app called Ghost Radar today. Which I thought hey this has to be total cow excrement, and show me how full of schnitzel this ghost stuff is. Wrong! This handy little app turned my once beloved wonder device (My Iphone) into a gaping maw into a dimension of utter terror. Got a little ahead of myself there. The three people who happen to come across this blog and somehow read down this far I’m sorry. Let it be known you were warned, incoherent thoughts and jarring timeline shifts will occur with frequency. Anyways I installed this fun app and started it up in my Lab at work. A neat feature of this program is that it not only shows you a handy radar image of where the ghosts are it also spits out what they are saying. Firetrucking awesome no? No is the correct answer.  Bowl, pass, and complex are the words this bandyleg shoots out at me. All apply to the setting where I started it up. Some of our equipment we call bowls out of convenience, we either pass or fail materials, and the tests are complex. Coincidence maybe, but if your paranoid, imaginative, and already afraid of ghosts no further verification is required. As i was writing this wonderful entry I thought I would run the application some more. You know to make sure i was still sufficiently paranoid  about well everything. Been complaining a lot lately about the long drive home, and also I’m getting firetrucking hungry. Guess the 4 words it just spat out. Dinner, long, work , and drive. Spectacular!

So I guess it’s time to  sum up this pseudo review slash stream of consciousness about Ghost Radar. I will rank this app in a few categories.

  • The first would be price point, at 99 cents its a true steal. You could go blow that on something frivolous like a tasty double cheeseburger from that Irish M place. Just think how good that would taste. Who would trade that for the reinforcement of a childhood fear you can’t shake? No one I’m sure. 10/10 stars.
  • The second category is performance. This neat little sucker uses very little memory and starts up relatively quickly. Guess the fabric between dimensions is significantly weakened by the Iphone itself. You only need to wait a maximum of 10-15 seconds to hear creepy words start pounding out of the deceptively small speakers of my 3G. 8/10 stars.
  • The third category is appearance. No beating around the bush with this one its pretty much a solid interface. 5/10 stars for standard view. 9/10 for classic view.
  • Ahh the last category mental health. 1/10 stars. Absolute failure in this department. The app has made me even more afraid of my basement and third floor of my house. I already refuse to go either place without backup. Now I might just refuse without a small army to accompany me.

So overall this app receives a solid non weighted average of 7/10 stars.

End incoherence.

WW1 airplane mechanic dies, then 2 days later shows up for the group photo.

2 Responses to “Ghost Radaaaaaaargh”

  1. 1 Greta
    February 24, 2010 at 22:51

    Back away from the iPhone. Please.

  2. 2 Zibrah3ed
    February 24, 2010 at 23:09

    Good advice, not going to happen though.

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